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Moving an event between schedulers reset the start time

Answered: This is a limitation of the current implementation. The event dragged from another Scheduler instance is treated like an event dragged from an external source (it only specifies duration, there is no...

Overflow of text in all day events

Answered: There was a bug in the default CSS theme that caused the text to overflow. It's now fixed in the latest sandbox build (2018.3.3356): You can also generate a c...

onClick should be onclick....

Answered: Just a quick background explanation: The "onclick" event has been replaced by "onClick" in version 8.3.2617: The new onClick event...

Drag and Drop on Surface Edge

Answered: The touch features are not fully supported in Edge at this moment. However, it's in the works and it will appear in one of the coming releases.

Scheduler + Calendar break rowMoveHandling on Firefox

Hi, I think I have found a bug! If you have the Scheduler and the Calendar directives in the same page, it seems that the rowMoveHandling option stop to work for the Scheduler directive. This strange...

Problems exporting schedule as image

Answered: It looks like the image files might got corrupted during the build process. You can download the correct images files here: The archive cont...

DayPilot Scheduler Error - Error during serialization or deserialization using the JSON JavaScripSerializer. The length of the string exceeds the value set on the maxJsonLength property

Answered: This error is caused by UpdatePanel which is only able to send a limited response to the browser during update. There are several options: 1. You can place the DayPilotScheduler control outside of th...

Question without answer for 11 months :/

Answered: Thanks for the update! It looks Ionic does some magic here and it swallows the event click until you click something else in the Scheduler. There is a workaround which is already available - just add...

Crosshair doesn't work anymore when using a Theme in DayPilotCalendar 2018.2.3657

Answered: You may need to get an updated version of the theme. There are two options: 1. Create a new theme from scratch: 2. If you have created the theme using the ...

No EventTapAndHoldHandling for Scheduler

Answered: It looks like this option was missing in the Scheduler by accident. It's now available in the latest sandbox build (2018.2.5945): It will be included in th...

Setting eventheight dynamicly makes cells too large when expanding group overlapping

Answered: I was grabbing the value from a dropdown and did not run it through parseInt. That solved the problem - sorry for the trouble :-)

Calendar stops working

Answered: Do you see any error in the JavaScript console? Does the whole page freeze (do other element on the page work) or is it just that the Calendar doesn't respond to mouse actions? I know that it might b...

When collapse tree, it occurs unspecified error

Answered: This bug should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2018.2.3291): Please let me know if the problem persists.

Navigator Render error

Answered: hi thanks for your fix answer. JavaScript 2018.2.3281 and i use electron with Chromium 61.0.3163.100. thanks

Daypilote Angular 2 : ERROR : DayPilot.Scheduler: The placeholder element not found: 'dp_1527237171484105172'.

Answered: The Scheduler requires that the component is actually rendered during initialization. It creates a placeholder with ID starting with "dp_" which needs to be present. It looks like the accordion doesn...

When create new event it shows wrong time

Answered: Dhiraj, How do you get the start/end dates of the selected range? The onTimeRangeSelect(ed) event handler returns DayPilot.Date object which uses the idealized time zone that the Calendar uses intern...

DayPilot Calendar Angular allowEventOverlap = false Not preventing Event Overlap

Answered: It looks like you are using an old version - the allowEventOverlap property is supported since 2018.1.3187 in the Calendar component:

Angular 6 error

Answered: Martin- Angular 6 requires DayPilot Pro version 2018.2.3281 or later: I'm not able to reproduce the error with that version. T...

Can't resizing event

Answered: Soryy!! solved whith may new reléase 3657


I believe I have found a bug with the filtering function. I have two different pages on my web site with two different occurences of the Daypilot scheduler, and the filtering is working nicely on of ...

Window resize cell line miss mach with time cell.

Answered: I'm not able to reproduce the problem in any major browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge). You might be using a custom CSS theme that prevents proper scaling.

Scheduler - Row header columns export issue

Answered: There was a bug which caused the width of the first column to be calculated incorrectly - that made the text invisible for args.horizontalAlignment = "center". It should be fixed now in the latest sa...

error in dt.fill

project not running

e.FontColor doesn't work in ASP.NET DayPilotCalendar

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2018.2.3649):

Angular CLI - Module build failed: RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

Answered: I've tested a clean new project generated using Angular CLI 1.7.4 and it works fine. After adding DayPilot Pro 8.4.3056 npm install

Event Drag Shadow displaying in wrong Resource Column

Answered: Thanks Dan! We have found the issue. There was a hidden "body { zoom: 80% }" in one of the libraries we used. Removing this solved the problem, and now we can make the correct changes to make everyth...

Can't drag events when a cell is disabled

When I disable a cell and try to drag an event that starts (or ends) outside the current view to another enabled cell, I get the above error on console. Nothing happens after it. ERROR TypeError: Can...

Gantt - Error: 'Bubble support is not implmented yet.'

Answered: This is a bug of the latest release (2018.1.5927). It's fixed now in version 2018.1.5936:

TimeRangeDoubleClickJavaScript doesn't work anymore in Calendar

Answered: This problem is now fixed in the latest sandbox build (2018.1.3646): The fix will be included in the next release.

Pro version breaks my AngularJs directive

Answered: DayPilot Pro uses a slightly different approach (compile + link) when registering the <daypilot-calendar> directive because the "replace: true" attribute used in the Lite version (which only uses lin...
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