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Make editable cell in rowHeaderColumn when double click

Answered: The Scheduler supports inline editing of the row header. However, you can only edit the first row header column at the moment:

Create custom column with DayPilot scheduler in angular 12

Answered: Please take a look at the following tutorial: It uses a context menu to show/hide individual row header colum...

inlineEdit is not accessible from originalEvent after updating daypilot from 2019 to 2021

Answered: In older DayPilot versions (including 2019 versions), the event handler object (args) was not typed (type any). The args.originalEvent holds a MouseEvent object (unmodified event object from the clic...

php hotel room booking

Answered: You can find the licensing options at the Buy page:

How to disable previous dates in calendar

Answered: At this moment, blocking selected dates is only supported in the Pro version. Please see the following tutorial:

Warnings in Chrome console for the scheduler

Answered: The warnings on non-passive event listener only appear if you set the log level to "Verbose". It's a hint and not something that can be "fixed" in all cases. The non-passive listener is essential for...

Daypilot angular bundle size

Answered: Unfortunately, the package size can't be reduced. We recommend the following to improve the loading time: make sure the bundle is served compressed (in your screenshot, you can see that the gzipped s...
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