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IE Error when clicking on/resizing an event using Warmup/Cool down Areas

Answered: This is a DayPilot bug. It has been fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2019.4.4159): Please let me know if the problem persists.

Line of Linked Events on Odd numbered rows are hidden*don't show

Answered: It looks like it might be caused by a scaled view (e.g. browser zoom level not set to 100%). You can try to reset the browser zoom level or increase the link width.

Angular DayPilot.Scheduler Object Missing on Gantt

Answered: Accessing the internal "scheduler" object is a fallback solution and that's why the scheduler property is not included in the TypeScript definitions. You'll be able to access it if you cast the sched...

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'x' of null when dynamicLoading is enabled and no cells are visible

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2019.4.4122): Please let me know if the problem persists.

Manual timeline starting from hour, minute etc misaligns with cells

Answered: The time headers follow the "groupBy" specification. If you use groupBy: "Day" the time headers cells with start at 00:00 and end at 24:00 (00:00 the next day). In this case, it doesn't depend on the...

React scheduler executes something despite props not being updated

Answered: Unless something significant has changed in React with the introduction of state hooks, it works like this: React uses a single immutable state object to store the state items. Whenever you change an...

Date.firstDayOfWeek doest take any arguments according to typescript daypilot-react.min.d.ts

Answered: This should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2019.4.4095).

Bubble is positioned incorrectly (Angular 2+)

Hi I added dynamic tooltip in daypilot event calendar but the popover is seems to be misplaced. Please have a look at screenshot attached

"'The request failed. The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.'"

Answered: You should check the credentials used to authorize the user. See also this discussion:

Weekday header on calendar not resizing

Answered: The DOM structure of the Calendar has changed in 2019.2.3880 ( in order to support browser zoom levels. That requires the head...

onScroll callback doesn't work

Answered: The onScroll event is only fired if dynamic event loading is enabled ( You can hook the "scroll" event directly like this: dp.nav.scroll.a...

e.commit() is not implemented

Answered: Never mind! It's my own problem - I passed wrong argument to events.update().

Drag Drop events not working in IE 11

Answered: You can get the latest version of DayPilot Pro in the customer area (if you have an active maintenance subscription): It looks like you are using DayPilot Pro for ...

No next cell found - error thrown

Please advise on the following error: I have two Daypilot timesheets based on with the following settings: eventHeight: 60, heightSpec : 'Max', height: 350, cellWidthSpec: 'Auto', cellWidthMin: '25',...

Remove argument in the onScroll event for dynamic loading doesn't do anything.

When using the dynamic loading feature I am loading events by their associated resource. I want to add and remove events depending on what resource is visible. When attempting to remove, I was passin...

Client and Backend version mismatch

Answered: Hi Jozsef, Thanks for reporting the issue! It's fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2019.3.5988).

Database Connection

Answered: I recommend exploring the downloadable project, it's a complete implementation of the sample application, including database connection.

Drag&Drop with scrolling not working on tablet in scheduler

On a tablet (both iPad & android), when you drag an event to the bottom or top of the scheduler, the scheduler does not scroll up or down. This is working as expected on desktop but not on mobile. Th...

Week View start date not correct in some timezones

Answered: The date calculations shouldn't be affected by the system timezone because all internal calculations are done using the UTC base of the dates. It is however affected by the format you use to specify ...

Angular 8 ivy Error "Could not be resolved to an NgModule class"

Answered: Hi Gert, The DayPilotModule class is decorated with @NgModule (the decorators are not visible in the daypilot-angular.min.d.ts file - they get compiled to daypilot-angular.min.metadata.json). DayPilo...

how to remove alert

Answered: The message pops up because you are using the trial version of DayPilot Pro which can only be used for testing. If you want to continue using DayPilot Pro you need to purchase a license: https://aspn...

'DayPilot' is not defined

Answered: Please make sure that daypilot-all.min.js is loaded before the month control initialization code [@Html.DayPilotMonth("dp",....]. If the library is not loaded at that point it will generate an error ...

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined

Answered: Sorry for the delay. This bug has been fixed in 2018.4.3469:

Error ao inicialzar

Answered: This is the URL of the backend controller (Calendar/backend) that handles the internal calls made by the client-side library. If you open it directly in the browser, you will receive an error because...

Error when multi moving while EventMoveHandling is set to notify

Hello, I am using DayPilot Scheduler MVC version 2019.1.5964 and I get an error when I'm trying to move multiple events while the EventMoveHandling of the Scheduler control is set to Notify: daypilot...

Scheduler Performance Problems

Having performance problems with the scheduler, such things as it taking 5 seconds or more just to scroll. I have gone through this and tried varies combinations of the suggestions within it, but not...

Angular 7 - change detection triggered way too much

Answered: There are two factors to take into account: 1. Frequency of change detection cycle calls Angular fires the change detection cycle for pretty much any action, including callback functions that are cal...

Render Angular component into DayPilotMonth event

Answered: The onDomAddEvent and onDomRemoveEvent event handlers are not yet supported in all components. In the DayPilotMonth component it's now available since 2019.1.3594 (use the latest sandbox version - ht...

Not being able to click on the scheduler grid for the modal to pop up

in the default.aspx file i can see the the EventClickjavascript calls a javascript method in the event_handling.js file which should work , i wonder if the grid click has been disabled but i cant see...

Scheduler: rowheader_scroll not scrolling on touch

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (since 2019.1.3569):
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