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How to add menu and header in angular 6 Day Pilot Gantt chart?

Answered: You can add custom row header columns using columns property: The context menu can be added using contextMenuRow property:

How to select multiple events on single click?

Answered: You can handle onClick event and modify the selection using the event selection API, i.e. multiselect.add():

time header

Answered: You can use a special frozen row at the top which will let you select a time range and expand it to the full column. Please see the following tutorial:

How can i add image in in second row or in first row?

Answered: You can use onBeforeRowHeaderRender event to insert custom HTML and/or active areas:

How can add search on second row or child row?

Answered: The rule that determines which rows will be displayed when a row filter is applied is implemented in onRowFilter event handler. You'll need to extend it to include text of the additional rows as well...

Calendar (WeekView) seprator is hiding behind Event

Answered: In the Calendar component, the current time indicator position is fixed at this moment and it is always displayed below events. The indicator element is marked with ".calendar_default_now" CSS class ...

When is the control ready to use?

Answered: The scheduler.control value is accessible since ngAfterViewInit.


Answered: By default, the results of onBeforeCellRender are cached until the next update() call. You can disable the cache using beforeCellRenderCaching property. See also:

Area selection

Answered: 1. Active areas that specify the "action" property will not let the mouse click event bubble to the underlying event and the event click action won't be fired. You'll need to leave the "action" value...

How to use daypilot pro javascript OEM license

Answered: Could you please contact and include your order number?

height of scroll field

Answered: If you are using heightSpec="Parent100Pct" you'll need to call the show() method to fix the height based on the new parent element height:

ERROR Error: DayPilot.Scheduler: The placeholder element not found: 'dp_158159830263098078'.

Answered: You can use *ngIf on the <daypilot-scheduler> element: <daypilot-scheduler [config]="config" [events]="events" #scheduler *ngIf="visible"></daypilot-scheduler> You can also create the component d...

Why daypilot lines are not aligned?

Answered: This is most likely caused by CSS interference. I recommend turning off all global CSS to verify that. The most common problems include global "padding", "border" or "box-sizing" styles. If the probl...

how can align the even box position from top, right, left and bottom?

Answered: It looks like you are using global CSS that interferes with the calendar CSS. Try disabling it temporarily and then enable it section by section to see what affects the positioning. It will be someth...

Multiple resources header

Answered: The Calendar can display a hierarchy of columns, just use the "children" property to specify child columns. You can also set the date for each column using the "start" property. See also: https://doc...

Customer Event Add Modal

Answered: When the users selects a time range the Scheduler fires the onTimeRangeSelected event: onTimeRangeSelected: args => {; } You can modify the event handler to...

Regarding Date

Answered: Please take a look at this tutorial which shows how to let users change the visible range:

Angular Scheduler button onclick changes time header

Answered: If you change the config.scale value in the button onClick handler the change will be detected and applied automatically. You can also check the following tutorial which shows how to apply different ...

How can i set Day-pilot start and end hours as 8am to 8pm ?

Answered: You can use dayBeginsHour and dayEndsHour properties, please see an example here:

Bubble is positioned incorrectly (Angular 2+)

Hi I added dynamic tooltip in daypilot event calendar but the popover is seems to be misplaced. Please have a look at screenshot attached

How to add button in daypilot scheduler

Answered: Please see the following tutorial - it shows how to add a button to the row header using active areas:

Hide bubble on outside click of calendar (Angular 6)

I'm showing bubble on click of event and I set hideAfter property to '0'. It works pretty well, but the bubble popover do not hide if I click outside of daypilot calendar. Any help is appreciated.

Add popover on click of event on schedule calendar (JS / Angular 2+)

Answered: Please see the following tutorial that explains how to display a bubble with custom content (defined as static HTML, dynamic HTML loaded from the server, and as an Angular component): https://code.da...

Can anybody explain me how to show bubble in daypilot calendar Angular 6+

Answered: Please see the answer here:

Limit Event Moving calendar event

Answered: You can mark the cells in the past as "disabled" which will prevent drag and drop operations: See also the following tutorial (JavaScript): https://c...

Moving "Endless" events : How to keep up the e.end = NULL ?

Answered: The Scheduler requires both the start and end dates of the event to be set. An empty value will be replaced by new DayPilot.Date() instance which represents the current time. In your case, it might b...

Scheduler Grid HTML File

Answered: The Scheduler grid can be customized using the API, such as onBeforeCellRender event handler (see The full version includes unminified source ...

Angular 7 - change detection triggered way too much

Answered: There are two factors to take into account: 1. Frequency of change detection cycle calls Angular fires the change detection cycle for pretty much any action, including callback functions that are cal...

2 rows for one resource

Answered: It is possible to display two rows for each resource: 1. The resource id needs to be unique. This can be done by prefixing a certain string to the resource id, e.g. "R" + id for reservations rows, "I...

Drag and drop into Angular schedular

Hi there Is it possible to drag and drop an external object into the Angular scheduler? Do you perhaps have an example or demo of dragging and dropping from another component into the scheduler?
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