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New Event from a list of pre define events

Answered: I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for but if you have existing unscheduled events/tasks that need to be scheduled you can use external drag and drop to move them to a specific time slot in...

Show Duration of External Drag and Drop Event

Answered: This example uses the generic HTML5 drag and drop API and that doesn't allow reading the source object properties until drop. So unfortunately, this is not possible. If you use the built-in external ...

Sticky Time Header on Javascript Scheduler

Answered: You need to use heightSpec value other than "Auto": That will enable a vertical scrollbar and the time header will remain fixed. It's a good idea to design ...

how to delete link

Answered: You can delete a link using the api: Users can delete a link using a context menu:

Calendar (WeekView) seprator is hiding behind Event

Answered: In the Calendar component, the current time indicator position is fixed at this moment and it is always displayed below events. The indicator element is marked with ".calendar_default_now" CSS class ...

Drag and drop not working in mobile devices

Dear colleagues, Im testing the scheduler. I've implemented drag and drop from one schedule grid to another. Everything works well, but not in IPad and other mobile devices, . I cannot move any event...

Better represent events that start or end outside of the scheduler period

Answered: Such events are marked with ".scheduler_default_event_continueleft" and ".scheduler_default_event_continueright" CSS classes (for the default theme). At this moment, there is no style associated with...

Displaying Group Availability without disable row

Answered: This is the code that calculates the group availability ( onBeforeCellRender: function(args) { if (args.cell.i...

Read only

Answered: The "allowDefaultContextMenu" property lets you enable the default browser context menu. By default, this is disabled for the Scheduler so that you don't see the browser context menu over the Schedul...

Color ressource according status

Answered: The row header background color needs to be set using onBeforeRowHeaderRender event. The onBeforeCellRender only sets properties of the grid cells. It could look like this: dp.onBeforeRowHeaderRend...

Resource Bubble Not Working

Answered: In the recent versions, there seems to be a problem with displaying the resource bubble when hovering the first resource (Angular only). When you move the mouse to another resource, it works fine. Th...

No of Days Calculation is getting reduced by One Day

Answered: If you only work with full days, you can switch to eventEndSpec="Date" mode which will translate the end date to "end of day": But that will no...

Daypilot Navigator in french

Answered: Yes, just specify the locale when creating the DayPilot.Navigator instance: var nav = new DayPilot.Navigator("nav"); nav.locale = "fr-fr"; nav.init(); See also:

Get day select in DayPilot Navigator

Answered: Yes, you can use selectionDay: If you have a Navigator instance called "nav": var nav = new DayPilot.Navigator("..."); // ... you can re...

Hotel Related - Book Multiple rooms for a single client

Answered: Yes, this is possible and there are several options: 1. You can select multiple time ranges using Ctrl+drag: 2. You can create the reser...


Answered: You can access the original data object as "". Example: var newEvent = new DayPilot.Event({ start: args.newStart, end: args.newEnd, text: "text " + args.e.text(), lieu: "lieu " + ...

Switch Weekly Daily

Answered: Please take a look at this tutorial: Since the Hotel tutorial doesn't use "scale", "days", and "startDate" to gener...

DayPilot pro demo License request

Answered: Hi Jeffrey, Can you please send an email with a link to this question to Thanks!

Can we show DayPilot Calendar in Hebrew Language?

Answered: The Hebrew locale is not included in the built-in set. You can create and register it using DayPilot.Locale.register() function: But please note tha...

How display not only a current month?

Answered: You can specify the number of days using days property: This way you can display as many months as you need.

How to include this scheduler to spring boot?

Answered: > SO the question is how can I send as a response this data from database to the jpa and to display it on the scheduler correctly. This is what the tutorial is trying to explain in "Loading Scheduler...

implement DayPilot.Scheduler.treeAnimation for Daypilot.Gantt

Answered: It's now available in the latest sandbox build (2020.1.4318):

Javascript (Gantt Chart)

Answered: The full list of properties that can be specified in the source data object or in onBeforeTaskRender can be found here:

Backcolor's make event text un-readable

Answered: The backColor property will accept all color formats defined in the CSS spec (it's translated to an inline "background" style): To specify...

Angular Scheduler: resources and events rows get desynchronized with scrollIntoView

Answered: Unfortunately, it's not possible to scroll the page using the row header this way. If you really have to do it, you'll need to use an element from the main grid (e.g. a cell). This will keep both pan...

Angular Scheduler: no window vertical scroll on resource header when heightSpec=Auto

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2020.1.4311): Please let me know if it doesn't work as expected.

Angular Scheduler: Slow Scrolling on Resource Headers with Firefox

Answered: This issue should be fixed in version 2020.1.4249: Please let me know if the problem persists.

DayPilot Pro for JavaScript > Installation

Answered: Hi Rafael, Yes, exactly. You just need to replace daypilot-all.min.js with the one from the licensed version.

ERROR in ./node_modules/daypilot-pro-angular/daypilot-angular.ngfactory.js

Answered: This issue is now fixed in the latest sandbox build (2020.1.4301).

Can we get a new onSort event

Answered: It's now available since build 2020.1.4314: The event is called DayPilot.Scheduler.onRowSorted.
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