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MVC with Foreign Key

I'm using daypilot on a ASP.NET Core but my model has a foreign key and I can't add a date for that reason, what can I do? or why I can't add a date, this is my code public class Reservacion { public...

Need DayPilot Javscript non-minified source code

Answered: Please see the licensing options here:

Event link arrow missing css class

Answered: The arrow element is marked with one of the following classes: .scheduler_default_link_arrow_left .scheduler_default_link_arrow_right .scheduler_default_link_arrow_down .scheduler_default_link_arrow_...

How to export excel from Scheduler

Answered: Unfortunately, export to Excel is not supported at the moment.

How to show week number in Weekly view calendar?

Answered: You'll need to switch to the Resources view and generate the column hierarchy manually. Please see more here:

How to show Event name as tooltip in navigator?

Answered: Unfortunately, the navigator doesn't support showing event details. It can only show free/busy status for the visible days.

How to change the position of next and prev buttons in Day pilot navigator or manually invoke the methods associated with these two buttons?

Answered: The position of the next/previous buttons can't be changed. However, you can hide it using CSS and switch the dates manually using the select() method:

How to show week number in Monthly calendar View?

Answered: You can show the week numbers in the first cell using onBeforeCellRender. Example for ISO week number (week starting on Monday): dp.onBeforeCellRender = function(args) { if (args.cell.start.getD...

Getting Uncaught Invalid timezone spec: 6667 error while loading the daypilot

Answered: It looks like you are using date/time string in a format that the Scheduler isn't able to parse. For a list of supported formats please see:

Load events with skipping non business cells.

Answered: The events are defined using start/end (not using start and duration). When creating new events using the Scheduler with non-business days hidden the Scheduler will return the correct dates (taking t...

Alternating row colors when some rows are hidden

Answered: The latest sandbox build (2019.1.3540) supports args.cell.displayY in onBeforeCellRender and args.row.displayY in onBeforeRowHeaderRender that you can use to get the display Y position. No two adjace...

How to use the

Answered: The context menu doesn't support an overlay that would block access to the background. If you want to block the background you can use the modal dialog instead:

How to adapt header size to the text ?

Answered: This should be done automatically when the "row header with auto-fit" feature is enabled (it is enabled by default): Please let me know i...

Rectangle Selecting color area

Answered: Build 2019.1.3539 now lets you customize the appearance using *_selectionrectangle class ("scheduler_default_selectionrectangle" for the default theme). The default definition looks like this: .sch...

Angular Scheduler - Horizontal scroll position

Answered: It looks like the problem might be the scrollTo/scrollX/scrollY properties in the scheduler config object. If you add them to the config they will be re-applied whenever the Scheduler detects a chang...

toolTip not showing up

Answered: The toolTip is only displayed if a Bubble object ( is not specified. In the current DayPilot Pro version, the bubble is initialized using a new Day...

[DayPilot Pro for Angular] Calendar View does not automatically update events

Answered: Please make sure that you don't specify the [events] attribute in the template: <daypilot-scheduler [config]="config" #scheduler></daypilot-scheduler> If you specify the [events] attribute it wil...

DayPilot children rows don't show up

Answered: You need to add: treeEnabled: true to your config. See also:

How-To get resource by mouse position

HI; I want to get the resource depending on mouse position (Y position) !.. Thank you

How can we detect if the start or end of an event was changed?

Answered: Hi Jens, The e.part object is an internal structure that shouldn't be used for calculations. The e.part.start/end properties hold start/end for rendering purposes only - it won't always correspond to...


Answered: Hi Otto, The groupBy: "Cell" option sets the time header cell width to match grid cells. If you want to increase the grid cell width you can use "cellWidth" property:

dp.width = "100%";

Answered: By default, the Scheduler is rendered inside a div (the placeholder div which you specify using the id parameter of the constructor) which fills the available width (display: block). What you see mig...

ViewType = WorkWeek -> Days=1 and StartDate not monday

Answered: To get the calculated start/end you can use visibleStart() and visibleEnd() methods: Th...

ScrollTo Problem

Answered: This is my fix: jquery('.scheduler_default_scrollable').animate({ scrollLeft: jquery('.scheduler_default_separator').offset().left/2-100 }, 1000); Thanks!

Critical error, unable to build code on production environment

Answered: For the record: 1. Problem: Compilation error message: "Unexpected value 'DayPilotModule in ... node_modules/daypilot-pro-angular/daypilot-angular.min.d.ts' imported by the module '...'. Please add @...

Hide +/- boxes

Answered: You can hide the icons using treeImageWidth and treeImageHeight properties: dp.treeImageWidth = 0; dp.treeImageHeight = 0; See also: ...

a different row and event height

Answered: Yes, please see the following docs page:

cellHighlighting - after event painting

Answered: The time range selection shadow (selection indicator) is always rendered in the layer below events. To make sure it's visible you can specify rowMarginBottom to add some extra space at the bottom of ...


Answered: Hello, I found a solution here in the forum and helpfiles. Thank you and best regards, Otto dp.onBeforeEventRender = function(args) { if ( && === "important...

changes with mouse click

Answered: There is an onEventClick event handler which you can use to call a server-side endpoint using AJAX (to make the change persistent). You can also change the event color using
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