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How do I enable multi-range selection by default

Answered: This can't be done at the moment, but please let me check if it could work after making some changes.

How do I create different event behaviors for touch/click

Answered: In the onEventClick and onEventClicked events, you can access the original event as args.originalEvent. Using the original event object, you can check if the source was a touch event: onEventClick: (...

Autoscroll not working on touch devices.

Answered: OK, thanks for the update. I’ve added it to the wishlist.

Resize Animation. Next feature request.

Answered: I’ve added it to the wishlist.

how do you show a custom resource tag on the resourcebubble event

Answered: The resource bubble receive a simplified resource object with basic information only. However, you can use it to load the full DayPilot.Row object like this: resourceBubble: new DayPilot.Bubble({ ...

Build a resource utilization row for .net webforms version

Answered: Unfortunately, this feature is not supported in the WebForms version.

Selection and multimove in DayPilot.Gantt

Answered: I’ve added it to the wishlist.

Time is getting lost ...

Answered: If you don’t specify the field type explicitly, the modal dialog form will use a date field when dateFormat is specified. If you want to use the full date/time value I recommend using the date/time f...

Highlight Current Time Indicator

Answered: You can use a separator to display the current time indicator in the Angular Scheduler component: config: DayPilot.SchedulerConfig = { separators: [ { location:, ...

Time isn't sync when multiple clients at different time zone

Answered: I recommend the following approach: For the database, use GMT value. Assign the desired time zone to each user. When sending the data from the server (when displaying data) or to the server (recordin...

DayPilot Scheduler - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'lines') when deleting milestone

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2024.1.5891):

Timeline & resync events in resource view

Answered: > Any possibility to show the current timeline or highlight the current cell duration with different background in lite version? This is not supported in the Lite version at the moment. In the Pro ve...

Offsetting start/end event

Answered: The events are always rendered at locations specified by start/end. To show the event start at noon you need to specify the time as 12:00 ("2024-0307T12:00:00"). To align the event start/end during d...

OnTimeRangeSelection on new version ||||How to change the arguments passed to onEventMoved/onEventResized?

Answered: > 1) On the new release, i can’t actually select a cell using left click. This was a nice nice-to-have since and now if i want to see a selected cell i have to click right. What can i do? There has b...

Feature Request For Frozen Rows

Answered: We don’t plan to add a vertical scrollbar support to the frozen rows in the Scheduler. If you want to display two independently scrolling row sections, I recommend using two Scheduler instances, like...

I Need help to use : args.areaData

Answered: When resizing the inner section, you need to adjust the args.start and args.end values in the onEventResizing event handler. This is explained in the following tutorial: JavaScript Scheduler: Warm-Up...

Continuous Events

Answered: The event can’t go forever (you need to specify start and end time) but it can be very long.

How to remove "old" header area

Answered: After changing the holiday definitions (globalHolidays), you need to call the update() method to refresh the Scheduler. This will generate a new time header (using onBeforeTimeHeaderRender). Also, ma...

daypilot-lite-angular allowEventOverlap=false

Answered: Unfortunately, the real-time event overlap protection is not supported in the Lite version at the moment. It is only available in the Pro version (see also the feature matrix). However, you can check...

Unavailable cells not working properly

Answered: If you want to disable Scheduler cells for drag and drop operations, it is necessary to mark them as disabled in the onBeforeCellRender event handler. The unavailable property of resources is not a s...

Scale={"Manual"} with 30 minutes cells

Answered: To display time cells with custom duration defined in minutes, you need to set the scale property to "CellDuration": scale={"Manual"} cellDuration={30] Another option would be to use scale={"Manual"...

select form with remote search

Answered: oeps i see you can change it to type: "searchable", so that works :-)

Setting the 'links' via the Direct API does not work

Answered: Hi, Nothing related to that. [webpack-dev-server] Server started: Hot Module Replacement disabled, Live Reloading enabled, Progress disabled, Overlay enabled. core.mjs:26656 Angular is running in de...

I need only snap to grid animation.

I don’t want my data to be altered, so i want to be able to free move my event but when released or resized, acting like snap to grid was true. What can i do?

How to create a full width menu under column header.

Answered: There is no easy way to do this. You can try detecting the cell dimensions using the internal dp.nav.main property which stores the DOM parent of grid cells.

The EventData does not allow reference to parent object (fails with 'Converting circular structure to JSON')

Answered: The JSON serialization is necessary for Angular change detection. Circular references would also prevent any other change detection mechanism based on event comparison from working. To avoid this iss...

Daypilot React- Make left click work the same as right click

Answered: The time range selection always stays active, until you call clearSelection() or update the calendar. You might want to check your onTimeRangeSelect/onTimeRangeSelected handlers.

Daypilot React Scheduler - Row Header Customization with multiple columns

Answered: Unfortunately, custom React components in multiple row header columns are not supported at the moment. Until it is available, you can try using row header active areas to show the icons.

How to get a bubble on the time column headers in the scheduler.

Answered: You can show the bubble using a time header active area: onBeforeTimeHeaderRender: args => { const header = args.header; args.header.areas = [ { left: 0, ...

Removing all tasks from a gantt chart without disposing of it

Answered: When you need to load a new task set in the Gantt chart, the best way is to replace the tasks with a new array: const tasks = [ /* ... */ ]; dp.update({tasks}); There is no need to clear the events ...
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