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Scheduler - How to cancel event moving after server call

Answered: You should always call args.loaded() after switching to async processing (args.async = true). Like this: onEventMove: (args) => {     args.async = true;     this.moveItem(args)       .subscribe(re...

UseEffect everytime an event gets resized or moved.

Answered: Please see my answer here:

More Obvious Re-Size

Answered: The width of the active resize area can be set using the eventResizeMargin property. See also event drag handles. You can also turn off the built-in resize handles (e.g. using

Resize a Bumper Row

Answered: The row height is calculated from the eventHeight property. For an empty row, it is equal to 1*eventHeight. You can set custom eventHeight for each row like this: const resources = [ { name: "Grou...

Rich Text in Top-Date Hover popup

Answered: 1. To show a hover popup, you can use the Bubble component. For time headers, it is necessary to use an active area that will display a custom bubble when the action is set to “Bubble”. This example ...

How To Update Separators?

Answered: You can use the update() method: scheduler.update({separators}); If the Scheduler detects that only {separators} property is in the update params, it will perform an optimized update and only refresh...

Listen for Event Resizing on UseEffect

Answered: I would recommend handling the logic directly in the onEventResizing event handler. The typical action would be to notify the server or to ask for a confirmation. These actions are not typical “state...

How to avoid resizing under a certain duration in Daypilot Calendar?

Answered: You can use the onEventResizing event to customize the behavior during drag-and-drop resizing. You can use it to enforce custom rules, such as setting a minimum duration: onEventResizing: args => { ...

Shift + select when multirange is active doesn't clear

Dear Daypilot-Support, I work as a developer for RTM Systems. When performing shift + select when multirange is active, the previous selection doesn’t clear properly. Please review the attached GIF. ...

Time Range double click error

Answered: This problem should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2023.4.5769): See also:

DayPilot Vue Event Calendar loses css after build

Answered: This is not a limitation of the trial version. I recommend checking the DOM structure of the production build in the browser (using developer tools) to see whether the elements are using the expected...

Index of ResourceHeader

Answered: The onResourceHeaderClicked is a legacy event which has been replaced by the onRowClicked event. In onRowClick and onRowClicked, you can access the column index using args.x.

How to clear selected events with ctrl + click

Answered: The clearSelection() method clears the time range selection. To clear the event selection, you will need to use the multiselect.clear() method. See also event selecting in the documentation.

Copying and Pasting Multiple events accross resources

//I managed to implement the copy multiple events at a go but still running into some errors in run time. //1. I need to know how to clear selection after right clicking on paste. Otherwise even afte...

Can you enable the no block for full crosshair

Answered: The full crosshair in the Scheduler now allows mouse events to pass through in the latest sandbox build (2023.4.5765). See also:

Modal.Form() Optional/Null Dates

Is there a way to display null or optional date fields within the Modal.Form? When loading additional date fields have been added to the tags element. They come through as nulll. But w...

Events movable if time range over it is selected

Answered: The Scheduler includes a built-in tool for selecting multiple events using drag and drop - the rectangle selection. You can switch it to row-only mode to only select events in the same row. It disapp...

Display additional header column over multiple dates

Answered: You can add custom elements to the time header using active areas (demo): You can either create a special row for this bar or add it to an existing row.

Enable AutoScroll in Calendar.

Answered: The AutoScroll feature is available in the Calendar as well:

Calendar Flickering in Updates

Answered: 1. I recommend checking what actually flickers. In my tests, I have never seen the Calendar flickering - although most updates redraw the whole calendar. However, if you add images to events/headers,...

Implementing Multi-Select of Events in scheduler

Answered: There is a tutorial that shows how to do this: JavaScript Scheduler: Copy Multiple Events Please let me know if it didn’t help!

onRowRightClick with React?

Answered: It was missing from the TypeScript definitions. It’s now available in the latest sandbox build (2023.4.5746):

add ctrl and shift to onTimeHeaderClick args

Answered: Yes, it’s now available in the latest sandbox build (2023.4.5746):

events.update updates the whole calendar and not the only event, causing flickering.

Answered: There was an issue with events.update() when called with a raw data object as an argument. It should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2023.4.5743). It caused the calendar to update the event...

How can i style modal pop-up

Answered: You can either override selected styles of the built-in theme or create a custom theme and apply it using the theme property: const modal = await DayPilot.Modal.form(form, data, { theme: "my_theme" }...

DayPilot.Scheduler: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'clientWidth')

In the DayPilot.Scheduler, we sometimes see a JavaScript error pop up in the console: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'clientWidth') This happens when using the scrollTo() function. We observ...

DayPilot.Gantt - Change/modify links on render?

Answered: At this moment, there is no special onBeforeLinkRender event. However, you can set the properties directly in the data source. You can customize the look using properties like color, style, and cssCl...

how to disable single eventmoving and resizeing

Answered: At this moment, you can disable event moving and resizing for individual events only in the Pro version (using moveDisabled and resizeDisabled properties of the data object or using the onBeforeEvent...

What does the number of developer means in the plan?

Answered: Every developer working with the project that uses DayPilot needs a license. This includes developers who check out the project from the VCS.

How to group calendar component time axis to different slots?

Answered: This scenario could be implemented with the following limitations: The maximum cell duration supported at this moment is 1 hour (this is the max slot duration). When switching to the “compact” view y...
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