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Navigator - Size

Answered: In version 2019.2.3871 the default navigator cell size has changed from 20x20 pixels to 30x30 pixels: You can revert to the or...

Add possibility to group resources

Answered: Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. However, it may appear in one of the future versions.

onScroll callback doesn't work

Answered: The onScroll event is only fired if dynamic event loading is enabled ( You can hook the "scroll" event directly like this: dp.nav.scroll.a...

How do I can drag and prop some react component on the scheduler ?

Answered: There is now a new tutorial available that shows how to drag external items to the Scheduler in React:

e.commit() is not implemented

Answered: Never mind! It's my own problem - I passed wrong argument to events.update().

External drag and drop issue

Answered: Do you mean the appearance of the target position indicator ("shadow")? It looks like you are using custom CSS. However, the dimensions of the shadow are fixed and you need to respect them when setti...

DP Scheduler: Hiding versions using onBeforeEventRender

I'm using onBeforeEventRender to modify underlying event data before it is rendered. Everything is working correctly except for this... While I can modify the data surrounding versions, the version i...

is there a way to update/refresh/re-render a single cell based on the resource id and date ?

Answered: By default, cell properties customized using onBeforeCellRender are cached until a full update(). 1. If your cell content depends on the overlapping events you can simply turn the caching off: dp.b...

bootstrap with modal daypilot Angular

hello the modal does not work with bootstrap. I am obliged to deactivate Boostrap. do you have a solution please thank you my version : Bootstrap 4.3, Angular version : 8 daypilot version : 2019.3.39...

warm-up and cool-down on Resource Calendar

Answered: The Calendar component now supports area.start and area.end properties for event active areas. These date/time values will be used to calculate the vertical position. It's available since version 201...

problem on Event click

// i clicked on a event , the modal is showing , when i change in the first event all is fine but when i clicked another time on another event the have two values , the first event id and...

Resize of areas

Dear Dan, We have some questions regarding areas resize. We're using the warmup/cooldown example ( to define an event w...

How to change date calendar (nav) and scheduler (dp) according to data from database

Answered: I assume that you have followed the calendar tutorial ( and have the navigator and calendar linked like this: nav.onTimeRangeSelec...

Does the DayPilot Scheduler respect WCAG 2.0?

I want to include Accessibility in this, please let me know is it provide or not.

Change the height of the row without firing events for all rows

Answered: Unfortunately, it's not possible to update a single row at the moment. The full update ensures that the data and view are in sync and updating just a single row could have unwanted side effects and h...

Need an ability to update individual Row without updating the control - dp.Update()

Answered: Please see my reply here:

How to populate the Daypilot scheduler based on Offsigner

Answered: You can apply custom event sorting: Another option would be using a standalone row/resource which would define the position without additional tweaks.

How do i change local and date format to fr-fr

Answered: You can change the culture/locale to "fr-fr" using DayPilot.Scheduler.locale property:

How can I only allow single row select?

Hi, I want to be able to select a single resource at a time (don't allow multiple rows selected). Is there a property or I should somehow handle this?

Bubble not showing up

Answered: You can specify the event bubble content using "bubbleHtml" property. Assigning new DayPilot.Bubble() to dp.bubble is not necessary (it uses an empty Bubble object by default). Example:

Korean language support

Answered: Korean locale ("ko-kr") is now added in the latest sandbox build (2019.3.3983).

Little issue with css and areas

Hi, I'm using the following code in the onBeforeEventRender: if (data.layer === 7) { args.e.cssClass = `${args.e.cssClass} fas fa-times`; } if (!

Red color for the Message

Answered: It's possible to change the background color using CSS. 1. You can create a custom theme: 2. You can override the background color specified using the def...

How to allow to move events from outside and to outside, but not within the scheduler?

Hi, Is there a way to prevent events moving within the schedule but allow to move from external div and into external div? Thanks in advance

Can cell widths be set differently for business/non-business times?

Answered: Hi David, That's correct - the manual timeline can't be use in combination with the infinite scrolling. Since version 2019.3.3947, you can use onIncludeTimeCell to modify the cell width during automa...

How to be able to select a row and also have double click working?

Answered: The row double click is not enabled by default. If you enable it using rowDoubleClickHandling = "Enabled" you'll be able to use both single and double click event handlers:

Create and Assign event-specific contextMenus

Answered: The docs is now updated with an example that shows how to assign an event-specific menu using onBeforeEventRender: Please let me know if there i...

No next cell found - error thrown

Please advise on the following error: I have two Daypilot timesheets based on with the following settings: eventHeight: 60, heightSpec : 'Max', height: 350, cellWidthSpec: 'Auto', cellWidthMin: '25',...

How to add button in daypilot scheduler

Answered: Please see the following tutorial - it shows how to add a button to the row header using active areas:

Remove argument in the onScroll event for dynamic loading doesn't do anything.

When using the dynamic loading feature I am loading events by their associated resource. I want to add and remove events depending on what resource is visible. When attempting to remove, I was passin...
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