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Background color for children resources

Answered: Nvm, I managed to find it. If anyone is looking for a solution,[i].areas. Iterate over the row children

Active area not working for multiple column row headers

Answered: > I tried the simple tutorial that is available to get the active area working. How can I have it working on a specific column of my row header? If you define custom row header columns (rowHeaderColu...

Scheduler ContextMenu with async loaded data

Answered: Yes, it works as you describe. At this moment, the args.async option is not supported in the onShow() method but you can switch to manual event click/right click handling and open the context menu wh...

Problems when exporting Gantt as jpeg

Answered: You can customize the image export using the onBeforeEventExport method of the internal scheduler object: For cells, use the onBeforeC...

Customization of Alert popup using HTML

Answered: You can use DayPilot.Modal.form() instead to customize the content: The following example would display a list: const form = [ {text: "Would you lik...

scrolling to a specific day is not working as expected

Answered: In Angular/React, you can't mix the config changes with direct API calls like this. The config changes are merged and applied at once after the current code block finishes. The result of this logic i...

Events Multiple rows copy and Multiple row paste

Answered: Please take a look at the following tutorial:

Confusing documentation

Answered: Thanks for the feedback! It will be fixed soon.

Modifying the left barColor styling?

Answered: You can control the bar width and other properties using CSS. The bar is built using two nested divs with the following CSS classes (applies to the default "calendar_default" theme): calendar_default...

Scheduler Persist row (resource) moving

Answered: You can take a look at the following tutorial to see how to handle row moving and persist the row order (in JavaScript/Node.js):

Scheduler Event sorting drag & drop

Answered: The Scheduler lets you specify custom event order but unfortunately it doesn't support reordering events (inside cells) using drag and drop.

Kanban - Insert new card at specific position

Answered: The Kanban component respects the original order of items (in cards.list). You can insert the card at the desired location there and call update().

Custom values in href parameter

Answered: You can use document.querySelector().value to get the value of the input field.

Setting lower margin-lefts for children in row header

Answered: You can control the indent width using treeIndent property:

Context menu does not close on click inside scheduler, when 'timeRangeSelectedHandling' is set

Answered: Hi Daniel, This should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2021.2.4981):

Drag/drop long booking at viewport edge

Answered: If you use a timeline with gaps between cells or adjust the event length for non-business hours (eventMoveSkipNonBusiness) you should forbid moving events that cross the Scheduler grid edge. The Sche...

Create schedule with only start date and duration

Answered: No, this is not supported at the moment. You'll need to calculate the start and end dates before displaying the data in DayPilot.

Multiple resources on a date...

Answered: Yes, this is possible: You can also take a look at the Scheduler that can d...

Bubble showAfter setting has no effect

Answered: The bubble opened by an active area (action: "Bubble") is always displayed immediately. If you want to delay it you can use the following code: = [ { right: 0, ...

Multirange selecting in react disapears when you set the state of the component

Answered: The time range selection is not part of the Scheduler state and it will get cleared on update.

Multiple row copy paste

Answered: Please take a look at the following tutorial:

Show only current month days in month view

Answered: It's not possible to hide the boxes but you can use onBeforeCellRender event to remove the day numbers (args.cell.headerHtml) and use a different background color (args.cell.backColor). See also: htt...

ng build fails if AOT is enabled (Angular 11)

Answered: It looks like this might be buggy behavior on the Angular side (or my lack of understanding of ngcc). The ngcc compiled code is significantly different when automatically run by `ng build` vs when ru...

Features available for react js schedular

Answered: All DayPilot Pro for JavaScript features are available in React as well. To learn more about event editing, please see the following documentation page:

Why Group use alway return 0 in the fist time run?

Answered: The "used" value will be 0 before the events are loaded. The result of onBeforeCellRender is cached and in most cases the caching needs to be disabled using "cellsAutoUpdated" property of the parent ...

Show/Hide Columns using checkbox list instead of context menu

Answered: Unfortunately, the menu doesn't support checkbox items so it can't be used for this purpose. You'd have to create a custom panel to show the checkboxes.

How to skip a day of the week

Answered: I'm not sure if that's what you mean but it's possible to exclude the hidden time from the event duration when moving events using drag and drop:

Giving a custom color to a Calendar message in Angular

Answered: This was not implemented in the Calendar component but it's now available in the latest sandbox build (2021.1.4923): this.calendar.control.message('Welcome', {delay: 5000, cssClass: 'welcome-msg'})...

Check empty resource free

Answered: You need to go through the events in a row to find the free slots. See also the following tutorial:

Total hour by Employee by tasks

El total que me da por empleado, no es correct. Estoy utilizando una prueba de Scheduler y no suma los minitos correctaente, me ma menos.
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