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How can I make scheduler scrollable in mobile?

Answered: I made a few changes and Now it's working fine.


Answered: scrollTo() is a client-side method and it can only be used on the client side, in JavaScript:

Scheduler scroll event

Answered: You may want to take a look at the "frozen rows" feature that may help with some scenarios: If that doesn't work, you can use the addEventListener sync...

Scroll to a specific time in the day

Answered: The scrollTo() call only works if the grid is already displayed and has non-zero dimensions. Since you define no resources before init() it can't scroll until the resources are loaded. There are two ...

infinity horizontal scroll

Answered: It seems i was to early with my post. i came across this documentation. Going to try this out first.

Change the amount of days on screen, scroll through entire year

Answered: Yes, you'd have to calculate the cellWidth based on the viewport size. Something like this: cellWidth: function(args) { var days =; return Math.floor(dp.nav.scroll.clientWid...

Prevent resetting to top of scheduler after saving?

Answered: In most cases, it should not reset (at least it is not reset explicitly). However, you can save the vertical scrollbar position before the AJAX call using getScrollY() and set it to the same value af...

Fixed Hour Column in DayPilot Calendar and Vertical Scrollbar Always Visible

I need the hour column of the calendar to be fixed (so it stays in place while I scroll right). As much as I would like to do it myself, I haven't got the time to dig through all the 6500 lines of co...

Fix the upper Resource?

Answered: This would be a nice feature but it's not quite easy to implement it... I'm adding it to the wishlist.


Answered: Unfortunately neither of these is possible at this moment.
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