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Problems exporting schedule as image

Answered: It looks like the image files might got corrupted during the build process. You can download the correct images files here: The archive cont...

DayPilot Scheduler Error - Error during serialization or deserialization using the JSON JavaScripSerializer. The length of the string exceeds the value set on the maxJsonLength property

Answered: This error is caused by UpdatePanel which is only able to send a limited response to the browser during update. There are several options: 1. You can place the DayPilotScheduler control outside of th...

Looking for a 3rd party seller of the Hotel program with a POS..

If you already use the Hotel system and can configure and add a POS pleaese contact me.. GetThis1@Icloud. Com Thanks

Gannt Period Limit

Answered: You can control the visible data range using StartDate and Days properties. You can use Days property to increase the number of visible days.

dynamically set background

Answered: You can also change the background color of the grid cells, the mechanism is the same. Just use BeforeCellRender event handler: protected void DayPilotScheduler1_BeforeCellRender(object sender, Day...

modal.showURL isn't firing the Page_Load so dropdownlist doesn't fill

Answered: Arghhh... In the Page markup at the top of the edit and new aspx markup... AutoEventWireup="true" needs to be set (as it is in the demo). Creating a new webform in visual studio by default sets that ...

Hotel POS and DayPilot looking for seller with understanding of timeline and POS

We are a retail spa rental store looking to purchase a POS that works with DayPilot hotel timeline software. We will want to purchase the POS with settings for our use.. We rent hot tubs for 60 minut...

Crosshair doesn't work anymore when using a Theme in DayPilotCalendar 2018.2.3657

Answered: You may need to get an updated version of the theme. There are two options: 1. Create a new theme from scratch: 2. If you have created the theme using the ...

Import ics file

Answered: You'll need a library that handles iCalendar format to import an ics file. One of the free libraries available is DDay.iCal. It's used in the export tutorial for exporting the events to ics: https://...

Hourly rental and next reservation times

Answered: When event overlap protection is enabled ( the Scheduler will block times with existing events. If you want to use this mechanism to block 5 minutes...

DayPilotScheduler - hide non business hours

Answered: Unfortunately, this feature is only available in the Pro version. See also the feature comparison:

Change color of some resource divider

Answered: Unfortunately the divider div is not part of the resource header element so you can't control it using resource properties. However, you can hide the default divider and use a bottom border of the ro...

Can't resizing event

Answered: Soryy!! solved whith may new reléase 3657

AllowEventOverlapping on the basis of conditions.

Answered: You need to implement a custom rule using onEventMoving event handler - in the ASP.NET version it's accessible using EventMovingJavaScript property. See also:

CallBack as EventClickHandling and Using DayPilotCalendar1_EventClick method in cs file , want to use Redirect in DayPilotCalendar1_EventClick method

Answered: To perform a server-side redirect you need to use "PostBack" event handling type.


Answered: Please take a look at the documentation: You need to use onEventDelete event handler to call backend_delete.php endpoint on the server side. You need...

navigator control

Answered: You can get the visible date range using VisibleStart and VisibleEnd properties.

In DayPilot pro version Timerangeselect is working only for selection not for left click

Answered: Are you using the latest version? In the demo, it works with a grid cell click just fine:


If I want to add a calculation can you show me how? I downloaded the full booking system but for my school project, the system should have some sort of a calculation!


Hi, I'm working on a scheduler using daypilot lite. I would like to change de color of my duration bar. I use this event : protected void DayPilotScheduler1_BeforeEventRender(object sender, BeforeEve...

Number of Days and Performance

Answered: In the ASP.NET version, you can load the events dynamically during scrolling: This still requires the timeline to be loaded in full. That sho...

error in dt.fill

project not running

just update event without notification

Answered: Yes, correct. The .queue() and .notify() calls are only necessary if you want to send an update to the server. If you just want to make a client-side change you don't need to call any of them.

Navigator for both dayPilotMonth and DayPilotCalendar

Answered: probably is the answer thank you f


Answered: The SQL Server database schema looks like this: CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Assignment] ( [AssignmentId] BIGINT IDENTITY (1, 1) NOT NULL, [AssignmentNote] VARCHAR (2000) NULL, [A...

e.FontColor doesn't work in ASP.NET DayPilotCalendar

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2018.2.3649):

Event Calendar

Answered: Have you checked the docs?

Keep expanded/Collapsed state after a postback Daypilot Gantt

Answered: If you set StoreTasksInViewState="true" the current state of the whole task hierarchy will be saved in the ViewState and it will be available on the server side during PostBacks.

Seaparator in each Saturday?

Answered: Each separator has to be entered as a special item in the separators array. I recommend using a loop to generate it for all Saturdays in the selected date range.

Create Event half way through the day

Answered: At this moment the time range selection only works for whole steps (the snap-to-grid option doesn't apply here - However, you can use smaller cells ...
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