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Can't refresh daypilotscheduler

Answered: If you need to update two controls at once in ASP.NET WebForms, there are two options: 1. You can place both controls in an UpdatePanel and use PostBack event handling. In the event handler, you will...

Scheduler timeline order

Answered: Unfortunately, a reversed timeline is not supported at the moment.

Loading calendar of other user

Answered: It's possible to access a shared calendar like this:

"'The request failed. The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.'"

Answered: You should check the credentials used to authorize the user. See also this discussion:

Getting Error "The request failed. The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden."

Answered: It's not clear where this error message comes from (from your server or the Exchange server). However, it looks like your server so I recommend checking the permissions in the web server configuratio...

Show total hours in Timesheet

Answered: You might be able to display it in the upper-left corner (that's the only free space):

Multiple Schedulers Scroll Lock

Answered: Yes, but you need to do it on the client side: // scrollbar synchronization $(document).ready(function() { $(dp.nav.scroll).scroll(function() { dp2.nav.scroll.scrollL...

Using id from event in modal dialog

Answered: You should be able to pass the event id to the modal dialog like this: <DayPilot:DayPilotScheduler ID="DayPilotScheduler1" runat="server" EventClickHandling="JavaScript" EventClickJavaScript="eventCl...

DayPilotScheduler and BeforeEventRender

Answered: This is correct, just make sure that BeforeEventRenderEventArgs is imported from the correct namespace (DayPilot.Web.Ui.Events.Scheduler). You can also specify it explicitly: protected void DayPilo...

Scheduler Event - Before the current date

Answered: Yes, you can mark the cells in the past as disabled:

EventClickHandling with JavaScript

Answered: I solved the Problem. The script was saved in the cache, so I just had to delete it. Now it works fine.

Database Connection

Answered: I recommend exploring the downloadable project, it's a complete implementation of the sample application, including database connection.

Null Exception on DataItem when setting StartDate

Answered: Hi Scott, The e.DataItem property is only initialized if you call DataBind(). Calling DataBind() is not necessary during callbacks/postbacks because the events are reloaded from the ViewState. Howeve...

PDF Export Tutorial missing definition of SetDataSourceAndBind and SetExportProperties

Answered: The tutorial text is now updated to include these methods as well: You can also find it in the downloadable project - that...

Adding A checkbox

Answered: You can customize the event content using BeforeEventRender event handler (you can use it to customize the HTML, CSS class and other properties):

EndDateSpec equivalent for Month control?

Hi, I've just discovered the incredibly useful 'EndDateSpec' setting that allow dates to appear inclusive of the end date for the Scheduler. Is there an equivalent setting for the Month control?

Cell background color change

Answered: You can control the grid cell background color using BeforeCellRender event: However, for displaying dynamic data it might be better to use even...

How-To add some color to Calendar....

FYI- The Text for the Calendar control takes HTML... So, if you want some color to differentiate you can do something like... SELECT tblStudyTasks.study_task_id, task_start, task_end, CASE WHEN COUNT...

Event filtering and row filtering

Hi Team, Can you help me in achieving event filtering and row filtering in webform scheduler? Please share the sample code or relevant information. thanks

how to remove alert

Answered: The message pops up because you are using the trial version of DayPilot Pro which can only be used for testing. If you want to continue using DayPilot Pro you need to purchase a license: https://aspn...


Answered: There are two ways to hide the scrollbar: * adjust the content (make it smaller) * set an increased height/width manually By default, the height is set automatically according to the contents. The au...

Scheduler Performance Problems

Having performance problems with the scheduler, such things as it taking 5 seconds or more just to scroll. I have gone through this and tried varies combinations of the suggestions within it, but not...

Context Menu change position page scrolling up and down

Answered: The context menu is created using a <div> element that is placed directly under document.body as the last child. Its position is specified using inline styles ("position: absolute; top: ...px; left: ...

Drag and Drop from a TextBox or Label to the Scheduler grid

Answered: It's possible to activate TextBox and Label controls using DayPilot.Scheduler.makeDraggable(). You just need to target the corresponding DOM elements using JavaScript. For example, the <asp:TextBox> ...

Adding extra fields in the db

Answered: You can have custom fields in the db table. In ASP.NET, you can load them using DataTagFields property: ...

External drag and drop not working on application (web forms)

Answered: Please take a look at this demo: The source code of this demo page is included in the download package. You can use it as a starting p...

Not being able to click on the scheduler grid for the modal to pop up

in the default.aspx file i can see the the EventClickjavascript calls a javascript method in the event_handling.js file which should work , i wonder if the grid click has been disabled but i cant see...

appointment booking table

what is the name of database in db.php

How do I make my DayPilot Month Calendar to be Read Only in Asp.Net MVC?

Answered: You can make it read-only by disabling the drag and drop actions one by one: @Html.DayPilotMonth("dpm", new DayPilotMonthConfig { BackendUrl = Url.Content("~/Home/Backend"), EventMoveHandlin...

How to enable expand / collapse option inside the event row in Scheduler control? Please suggest.

Answered: Unfortunately, this is not supported in the ASP.NET version. You can find a JavaScript version example here:
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