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DayPilotScheduler - hide non business hours

Answered: Unfortunately, this feature is only available in the Pro version. See also the feature comparison:

Change color of some resource divider

Answered: Unfortunately the divider div is not part of the resource header element so you can't control it using resource properties. However, you can hide the default divider and use a bottom border of the ro...

Can't resizing event

Answered: Soryy!! solved whith may new reléase 3657

AllowEventOverlapping on the basis of conditions.

Answered: You need to implement a custom rule using onEventMoving event handler - in the ASP.NET version it's accessible using EventMovingJavaScript property. See also:

CallBack as EventClickHandling and Using DayPilotCalendar1_EventClick method in cs file , want to use Redirect in DayPilotCalendar1_EventClick method

Answered: To perform a server-side redirect you need to use "PostBack" event handling type.


Answered: Please take a look at the documentation: You need to use onEventDelete event handler to call backend_delete.php endpoint on the server side. You need...

navigator control

Answered: You can get the visible date range using VisibleStart and VisibleEnd properties.

In DayPilot pro version Timerangeselect is working only for selection not for left click

Answered: Are you using the latest version? In the demo, it works with a grid cell click just fine:


If I want to add a calculation can you show me how? I downloaded the full booking system but for my school project, the system should have some sort of a calculation!


Hi, I'm working on a scheduler using daypilot lite. I would like to change de color of my duration bar. I use this event : protected void DayPilotScheduler1_BeforeEventRender(object sender, BeforeEve...

Number of Days and Performance

Answered: In the ASP.NET version, you can load the events dynamically during scrolling: This still requires the timeline to be loaded in full. That sho...

error in dt.fill

project not running

just update event without notification

Answered: Yes, correct. The .queue() and .notify() calls are only necessary if you want to send an update to the server. If you just want to make a client-side change you don't need to call any of them.

Navigator for both dayPilotMonth and DayPilotCalendar

Answered: probably is the answer thank you f


Answered: The SQL Server database schema looks like this: CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Assignment] ( [AssignmentId] BIGINT IDENTITY (1, 1) NOT NULL, [AssignmentNote] VARCHAR (2000) NULL, [A...

e.FontColor doesn't work in ASP.NET DayPilotCalendar

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2018.2.3649):

Event Calendar

Answered: Have you checked the docs?

Keep expanded/Collapsed state after a postback Daypilot Gantt

Answered: If you set StoreTasksInViewState="true" the current state of the whole task hierarchy will be saved in the ViewState and it will be available on the server side during PostBacks.

Seaparator in each Saturday?

Answered: Each separator has to be entered as a special item in the separators array. I recommend using a loop to generate it for all Saturdays in the selected date range.

Create Event half way through the day

Answered: At this moment the time range selection only works for whole steps (the snap-to-grid option doesn't apply here - However, you can use smaller cells ...

Issue with Duplicate rows in gantt daypilot scheduler

Answered: It looks like your SQL select produces two rows for every item. Have you tried checking the data set? There are a couple of things to review: 1. Do you intend to display multiple items per row? Then ...

Get the RoomId and create a new event for Day Pilot Scheduler

Answered: Please take a look at this docs topic: The resource id is available in the TimeRangeSelected event handler (e.Resource on the server side, "resource...


Hello, what can I do? everything seems to be ok but I do not know what I touched because I cannot edit an appointment as a doctor. How can I make it possible to edit an appointment after a patient ha...

TimeRangeDoubleClickJavaScript doesn't work anymore in Calendar

Answered: This problem is now fixed in the latest sandbox build (2018.1.3646): The fix will be included in the next release.


Can't edit the appointment from the doctor view.

IE 8 compatibility

Answered: Unfortunately, IE8 is not supported. Microsoft stopped supporting IE8 in January 2016 and so did we. For the list of supported browsers please see the Compatibility page:

Events Not Showing in Calendar

I am loading both the Resources and the Events from SQL Server and already had this working in the Scheduler control. When binding in the Page_Load for the Calendar control, I have verified that data...

How to remove orange rectangle with text "DEMO" from month view of daypilot?

Answered: It looks like you have used DayPilot Pro (the paid version) in your project. 1. You can use DayPilot Lite (open-source) instead - but it doesn't include all Pro features: https://javascript.daypilot....

Controls in resource columns

Answered: Unfortunately not directly. You might be able to generate HTML for your ASP.NET controls using RenderControl() and insert the result into the column cells using BeforeResHeaderRender: https://harouny...

can i change my pages to mobile friendly

Answered: The Scheduler supports touch devices. Please see the following docs page: In the default configuration, it supports event creating, event moving (tap...
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