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How can i clear the content of daypilot scheduler version 7.9

Answered: This issue seems to be related to the timeline only. You can see this exception if the timeline is empty, i.e. when Days is set to 0 or if you hide all columns (

A problem when expanding a resource at the middle or bottom of DayPilot scheduler

Good Day for you all. I have a problem with the DayPilot Scheduler Control (Take for example this one when making 'Room A' at the bottom of the Reso...

Daypilot Calendar issue with Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox

Hello, I have created a schedule which is working fine, however, the schedule only displays properly in Chrome. Internet Explorer 9 and Mozilla FireFox 30.0 does not display properly. Is there a bug ...

Help with building ASP.NET event calendar

Answered: Have you added a reference to DayPilot.Web.Mvc.dll? If you are using a "web site" project type it's enough to copy the dll to the bin directory. For compiled projects (default for MVC) you need to ad...
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