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Calendar - area definition by Start() & End()

Answered: Petr, It's in the plan for the next release (coming in 14 days), please stay tuned!

How to disable daypilot popup

Answered: The modal popup is displayed by the default AJAX error handler (*AjaxErrorJavaScript* property): AjaxErrorJavaScript="if (DayPilot.Modal) { new DayPilot.Modal().showHtml(args.request.responseText);...

Event calendar

Answered: Maybe just a typo, it should be "locale": dp.locale = "fi-fi"; See also:


Answered: It looks like the following statement from jQuery throws the exception: return+new Date You should check if you don't override the default "Date" object in your code.

Error Javascript

Hello Dann, can help me with the following error, which is generated when I close the window create function close(result) { if (parent && parent.DayPilot && parent.DayPilot.ModalStatic) { parent.Day...

Uncaught String expected Error when export shceduler to jpeg

Answered: Please see a related question:

AreaCollection in Calendar

Answered: The active areas are supported in Calendar cells but only with fixed positioning using area.Left/Right/Top/Bottom. Positioning using area.Start and area.End is not supported at this moment.

The request must start with 'JSON' string.

I working on a web application written in ASP.NET MVC 5 with Razor. When i publish website in IIS it throws the error "The request must start with JSON string". Someone who can help me? My View: @Htm...

AutoRefresh Interval

Answered: 1. The default AutoRefreshMaxCount value is set to 20. That means it will stop calling the Refresh event after that number. This limit is introduced intentionally - calling any JavaScript code repeat...

Place the event on where we drag

Answered: When you click on a grid cell or select a range using drag and drop the Scheduler fires onTimeRangeSelect and onTimeRangeSelected events which you can use to create a new event at that location. See ...

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'args' of null at HTMLDocument.e.gMouseUp

Answered: This problem is fixed now in the latest sandbox build (8.4.5897): A new release will be available in a couple of days.

Red timeline shows wrong hour

My code: @Html.DayPilotCalendar("dp_day", new DayPilotCalendarConfig { BackendUrl = Url.Action("DayPlan", "Calendar"), ViewType = DayPilot.Web.Mvc.Enums.Calendar.ViewType.Day, ColumnMarginRight = 100...

Error return JavaScript(SimpleJsonSerializer.Serialize("OK"))

Answered: You can try sending a different JSON response. This code sends just a string: "OK" This was not considered a valid JSON text in the original JSON spec and older implementations (older browsers, o...

Daypilot Modal window issue - Responsive

Answered: At this moment, the modal dialog is not fully responsive. However, it adjusts itself according to the page so it doesn't overflow the current viewport. You can also adjust the position by setting the...

Wanted to implement Day Pilot Calender control using Anguler JS

Answered: Please see the AngularJS tutorials available at That could be a good start for your application. You can customize the event depending on it...

How to remove the built-in delete icon from

Answered: You need to set EventDeleteHandling property of the config to "Disabled". Or remove it from the config - Disabled is the default value.

Unrecognized HeightSpec value error by default settings.

Hello I'm using lite version of calendar with mvc 5. I want to show the calendar only working hours. So my here is my code which throws above error. Any idea? @Html.DayPilotCalendar("dpc", new DayPil...

How to change the time range showing in left hand side of the DayPilot Event Calender

Answered: @Html.DayPilotCalendar("days_resources", new DayPilotCalendarConfig { BusinessBeginsHour = 9, BusinessEndsHour= 17, } you need to add bussiness begins and ends hour in your helper html tag

Scheduler MVC - Hiding rows without events

Answered: The isEmpty() method of DayPilot.Row is available since client core version 2759. It's now available in the sandbox version of DayPilot Pro for ASP.NET MVC: The late...

Resource bubble is not supported yet

Answered: This should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (8.4.5883): Thanks for reporting the issue.

Javascript breaks when hover scroll bar

Hello, I am using DayPilot.Web.MVC version 8.3.5880.1 and daypilot-all.min.js version 2937. When I hover the scheduler scroll bar, on the bottom of the scheduler, I get this error message: "Unhandled...

Highlighting Today

Answered: Yes, you were correct I was using Version 7.9.5741.1, now that I changed to 8.3.5862.1 is working properly. Thanks.

Disabled Rows

Answered: The best way would be to use TimeRangeSelectingJavaScript to provide a custom event handler that forbids the selection for the given rows. Something like this: @Html.DayPilotScheduler("dps", new Da...

Changing HeaderDateFormat in Calendar has no affect on output

I have been experimenting with the DayPilot lite version 1.5.434.0, and I have been unable to change the way the dates are rendered. I would like to have the day name displayed, but currently it only...

One Event with multiple resources but same EventId

Answered: You need to supply one item in the datasource for each of the rows. Typically, you'll be storing the resources assignment (event-resource link) as a separate DB record anyway. I recommend using the a...

How do I specify Landscape for Print?

Answered: I did a couple of tests but unfortunately the only browser that lets you specify orientation when printing is Chrome. The only reliable way is to create a PDF file and insert the exported image. See ...

Apply filtering on "OnInit()" function

Answered: This will work fine - just make sure you don't overwrite Events in OnFinish(). OnFinish() is called at the end of every CallBack request.

Calendar scroll speed

Answered: Basically everything inside function() { .... }: <script type="text/javascript"> dp_day.nav.bottomRight.addEventListener("scroll", function() { setTimeout(function() { dp_week.nav.bottom...

OnBeforeCellRender optimization

Answered: This event is called once for every cell. Therefore the implementation should be as fast as possible. You should avoid making database calls from there. Instead, load the required data in advance and...

Possibility of an automated reminder

Answered: This needs to be done on the server side. DayPilot focuses on the UI and it doesn't include support for sending emails.
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