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Custom method for Business hours calculation

Answered: Hi Wolfgang, It's possible to adjust the start/end using onEventMoving while the event is being dragged: There is also a related tutorial: h...

Find multiple events using

Answered: The primary purpose of events.find() is to find an event by ID. It searches events.list and if you need to filter the event data I recommend accessing the data store directly: let events = dp.event...

Max Width for rowHeaderWidthAutoFit

It would be great, if a maximum width setting for rowHeaderWidthAutoFit could be implemented. Should be trivial to implement in _autoRowHeaderWidth but I did not want to patch it to stay with the sta...

Allow to do a Rectangle selection on Row without snapping to the grid

Answered: This option is now available through snapToGridRectangleSelecting property in the latest sandbox build (2020.3.4604):

onRowClick/Clicked event

Answered: It's now available in the latest sandbox build (2020.2.4505):

implement DayPilot.Scheduler.treeAnimation for Daypilot.Gantt

Answered: It's now available in the latest sandbox build (2020.1.4318):

Can we get a new onSort event

Answered: It's now available since build 2020.1.4314: The event is called DayPilot.Scheduler.onRowSorted.

angular timetable for school and class weekly timetable

is there any option to schedule a week for school / class timetable with custom timings and custom blocks?

Scheduler drag and scroll

Answered: On the desktop, this is not supported. You need to use the scrollbar or custom scrolling controls (implemented using scrollTo() - On touch devi...

Support for right click in the time header

Answered: The latest sandbox build (2019.4.4122) now supports onTimeHeaderRightClick and onTimeHeaderRightClicked events (there is no functional difference between them as there is no default action for the ri...

JSX support for corner html in react

Answered: The same mechanism (onBefore*DomAdd event) is supported for event and time header cells as well. Please see the following tutorials: Rendering JSX in events:

resource calendar

Answered: You can disable selected grid cells to make them unavailable for drag and drop operations: See also the following tutorial that shows how to define ...

Add arrow to floating event label when event started before scheduler view-port

Answered: Hi Steve, Such events are marked with "scheduler_default_event_continueleft" (those starting before startDate) and "scheduler_default_event_continueright" (those ending after startDate + days). In th...

HTML5 Event Calendar Component Support Persian calendar

Answered: Unfortunately, the Persian calendar is not supported at the moment.

Looking for a way to update the viewport without having to scroll after render in DayPilot Scheduler

Answered: You can take a look at the following tutorial: It's an Angular sample that uses the built-in Scheduler zoom support which retains the scrollbar ...

db not working

Answered: The database will be created and initialized automatically - see also the _db_mysql.php script for details. Just make sure that _db.php points to the mysql backend (and not sqlite). Also, check that ...

Add possibility to group resources

Answered: Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. However, it may appear in one of the future versions.

Does the DayPilot Scheduler respect WCAG 2.0?

I want to include Accessibility in this, please let me know is it provide or not.

Need an ability to update individual Row without updating the control - dp.Update()

Answered: Please see my reply here:

Korean language support

Answered: Korean locale ("ko-kr") is now added in the latest sandbox build (2019.3.3983).

Add popover on click of event on schedule calendar (JS / Angular 2+)

Answered: Please see the following tutorial that explains how to display a bubble with custom content (defined as static HTML, dynamic HTML loaded from the server, and as an Angular component): https://code.da...

Add a new panel to be able to drop events to

Answered: Yes, it's been in the queue for some time already. Before it's implemented, the following approach might work: Instead of dragging the whole event, you can insert a custom element into the event that...

Using font-awesome icons in the context menu

Answered: Yes, it's possible. Just use the "icon" property to specify the CSS classes: var dp = new DayPilot.Scheduler("dp", { // ... contextMenu: new DayPilot.Menu({ items: [ { text: "User ...

Dynamically update Navigator

Answered: I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for but the Navigator supports highlighting busy days (days with events) out of the box. You can supply the an array with events in the same format that i...

position selected event on the center of view port when zoom in/out

Answered: You can scroll to a specified position using scrollTo() method: You can get the selected event using https://api.daypilot.o...

Keyboard Control for DayPilot/W3C Accessibility Standards

Are there any current plans for making the daypilot calendar interface keyboard accessible to W3C standards?

DayPilot.Scheduler.onEventResizing missing alt/ctrl modifiers

Answered: I realized now that in documentation even onEventMoving does not have those modifiers documented, but has them when i am debugging, hope that helps.

Render Angular component into DayPilotMonth event

Answered: The onDomAddEvent and onDomRemoveEvent event handlers are not yet supported in all components. In the DayPilotMonth component it's now available since 2019.1.3594 (use the latest sandbox version - ht...

Disabled cells for DayPilot.Calendar

Answered: Yes, it's in the plan - it will be introduced in one of the coming releases.

DayPilot Gantt - Export Client-Side

Answered: Hi Andrea, Gantt client-side export is in the works - it will be available in the near future.
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