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Showing tasks on group level

Answered: Hi Nikola, I see. It's possible to use parents as well. Some examples use "treePreventParentUsage: true" setting to disable the parent rows but the default it to enable drag and drop for all rows. Se...

Disable cells previous to the current datetime

Answered: Unfortunately, DayPilot Lite doesn't support disabled cells. However, you can check the dates in onEventMove, onEventResize, and onTimeRangeSelect events handlers and call args.preventDefault() to ca...

Ability to adapt to the user timezone

Answered: Unfortunately, automatic time zone handling is not supported at the moment. This is a desirable feature but it's not trivial and it's in the research phase now. I can't promise any delivery date at t...

Add new column

Can we add new column with description

Hourly rental and next reservation times

Answered: When event overlap protection is enabled ( the Scheduler will block times with existing events. If you want to use this mechanism to block 5 minutes...

Histogram support

Answered: Unfortunately a histogram is not available at the moment. There is a similar feature that you might be able to use to display the resource utilization/overbooking:


If I want to add a calculation can you show me how? I downloaded the full booking system but for my school project, the system should have some sort of a calculation!


Can't edit the appointment from the doctor view.


I have done everything and yet no error but when I insert a data, it does not show in my database. Please help. Thank you

Render Angular 5 component into DayPilotMonth cell template

Is is possible to render a angular component into DayPilotMonth cell template html? I'm trying to pass nativeElement as HTML attribute, but it doesn't work. Only renders "[object HTMLElement]". onBef...

Calendar - area definition by Start() & End()

Answered: Petr, It's in the plan for the next release (coming in 14 days), please stay tuned!

Undefined Variable

Answered: The original data object is available as property (see also Most event handlers make DayPilot.Event object available as args.e, so ...

Version Lite

Answered: The ASP.NET Core version of DayPilot is now on hold - please see my reply here: You can use DayPilot Lite for JavaScript which includes Calenda...


Answered: The Lite version uses the first day of week that is read from the current Culture. It works automatically for ViewType="Week". You can also display custom number of days (Days property) starting at c...

Month problem

What if our project has many tasks throughout a couple of months. How can I show the diff tasks on the same chart although they're on different months?

Possibility of an automated reminder

Answered: This needs to be done on the server side. DayPilot focuses on the UI and it doesn't include support for sending emails.


Answered: Since build 2852 it's possible to use action: "Bubble" for row headers as well: dp.resourceBubble = null; dp.onBeforeRowHeaderRender = function(args) { = ...

JS Schedular - Multimove across the resources(y axis)

Answered: You can move all events if you set multiMoveVerticalMode property to "All": dp.multiMoveVerticalMode = "All"; The documentation is now updated.

AreaCollection in DayPilot calendar

Answered: Active areas were not supported in the Calendar grid cells until now. However, this feature is now available in the latest sandbox build (8.3.5867):

Disable daypilot.task.complete (percentage) on DayPilot Gantt

There are times I do not want to show the progress (complete percentage) of each task in DayPilot Gantt. Is there anyway to disable/hide the complete percentage progress text? Instead I would show ta...

image in Scheduler

Hi Can it is possible to have an profile image of Resources in Daypilot Scheduler. If it is possible can you provide me the code in JS. Thanks Anil Singh

DurationBar for DayPilotMonth object

Answered: DayPilot Month doesn't have built-in duration bar support. However, you can add a custom bar easily using "active areas" (in the Pro version): protected void DayPilotMonth1_BeforeEventRender(object...

RowHeaderColumn change after EventResize

Answered: By default, events are not stored anywhere so you need to reload them (use DataSource and DataBind just like in Page_Load): Public Sub dpCalendar_EventResize(sender As Object, e As DayPilot.Web.Ui....

Gantt.Export(ImageFormat.Png) and Gantt.ExportBitmap()

When will Gantt.Export(ImageFormat.Png) and Gantt.ExportBitmap() be available? How can I export or print the entire gantt chart?

Does HourHalfBorderColor still works in new Calendar version ?

Answered: This property is obsolete now when CssOnly="false" mode is not supported anymore. However, you can achieve this effect using CSS. The border is defined using a cell class. The default style ("calenda...

Time in event title

Answered: The current version doesn't add the time automatically but you can enable it using ShowEventStartEnd property: ShowEventStartEnd="true"

Scheduler event diseapear after resize/move

Answered: Older versions of DayPilot stored event data in ViewState by default. Newer versions use StoreEventsInViewState property to control the behavior. By default it is set to "false". You can enable the o...

Push updated data to other connected clients

Answered: In ASP.NET MVC, the best way is to use SignalR to notify the client about the changes. You could possibly also send the actual changes using SignalR but it seems to be easier to just send a "refresh ...

Navigator selection days

Answered: It's in the wishlist but there is no specific time plan. There is an option to sponsor this feature if you'd like to set a fixed implementation date - please contact if you'd like ...

Select multi resources?!?

Answered: In the Lite edition, the Scheduler control is not available. In the Pro edition, you need to load the event as multiple records if you want to display it in multiple rows (one per row).
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