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Disable daypilot.task.complete (percentage) on DayPilot Gantt

There are times I do not want to show the progress (complete percentage) of each task in DayPilot Gantt. Is there anyway to disable/hide the complete percentage progress text? Instead I would show ta...

image in Scheduler

Hi Can it is possible to have an profile image of Resources in Daypilot Scheduler. If it is possible can you provide me the code in JS. Thanks Anil Singh

DurationBar for DayPilotMonth object

Answered: DayPilot Month doesn't have built-in duration bar support. However, you can add a custom bar easily using "active areas" (in the Pro version): protected void DayPilotMonth1_BeforeEventRender(object...

RowHeaderColumn change after EventResize

Answered: By default, events are not stored anywhere so you need to reload them (use DataSource and DataBind just like in Page_Load): Public Sub dpCalendar_EventResize(sender As Object, e As DayPilot.Web.Ui....

Gantt.Export(ImageFormat.Png) and Gantt.ExportBitmap()

When will Gantt.Export(ImageFormat.Png) and Gantt.ExportBitmap() be available? How can I export or print the entire gantt chart?

Does HourHalfBorderColor still works in new Calendar version ?

Answered: This property is obsolete now when CssOnly="false" mode is not supported anymore. However, you can achieve this effect using CSS. The border is defined using a cell class. The default style ("calenda...

Time in event title

Answered: The current version doesn't add the time automatically but you can enable it using ShowEventStartEnd property: ShowEventStartEnd="true"

Scheduler event diseapear after resize/move

Answered: Older versions of DayPilot stored event data in ViewState by default. Newer versions use StoreEventsInViewState property to control the behavior. By default it is set to "false". You can enable the o...

Push updated data to other connected clients

Answered: In ASP.NET MVC, the best way is to use SignalR to notify the client about the changes. You could possibly also send the actual changes using SignalR but it seems to be easier to just send a "refresh ...

Navigator selection days

Answered: It's in the wishlist but there is no specific time plan. There is an option to sponsor this feature if you'd like to set a fixed implementation date - please contact if you'd like ...

Select multi resources?!?

Answered: In the Lite edition, the Scheduler control is not available. In the Pro edition, you need to load the event as multiple records if you want to display it in multiple rows (one per row).

Anything new on nuget for your controls?


Recurring Events which occur like: on 2nd monday of the month...

Hi Dan and Team, I've seen in your forums, requests for supporting rules such as: "Recurring Events which occur on second Monday of the month".. ht...

Including the scheduler daypilot into a directive with isolated scope

Answered: Since version 8.2 ( the scheduler supports "publish-as" attribute which lets you specify the target for the DayPilot.Scheduler object. ...

VS 2010 version of hotel-room-booking-asp-net-c-vb-sql-server please...

Answered: Dave, If you open the TutorialHotel.sln file and change the following line (#2): # Visual Studio 2012 to # Visual Studio 2010 it should work.

Limit resources

Answered: DayPilot Scheduler doesn't limit the number of resources. However, there are different heigh settings that will affect how many resources/rows are visible without scrolling. Please take a look at the...

Control for MVC ASP.Net

Answered: Unfortunately a MVC version not available at the moment.

Booking for multiple tables

Answered: This scenario is not covered by the tutorial. However, you can select multiple time ranges at once using "time range multi-selecting" feature:

Multiple resources timerangeselect

Answered: Yes, it's possible but you need to select the resources one by one (holding Ctrl):

Delete event in lite version

Answered: The Lite version doesn't implement the integrated "delete" icon. The best way to handle it would probably be including a special "Delete" button in the "Edit" modal dialog (just like Google Calendar ...

Daypilot Scheduler - Export to PDF

Answered: If you want to add custom header and footer to each PDF page simply use the code from "Add Title to PDF" section: // create a graphics object for PDF page modification XGraphics gfx = XGraphics.Fr...

External Drag and Drop in Monthly Calendar

Answered: Yes, but there is no set target date at the moment.

Ability to add/remove/update rows without updating entire control

Answered: You can find and modify the cells using cells.find(), cells.findXy() and cells.findByPixels() methods:

Image/PDF Export for ASP.NET MVC

Answered: The next MVC version (8.2) will include client-side PNG export support. You can create the PDF on the client side using jsPDF ( It will let you insert the exported PNG ...

api version

Answered: The ASP.NET WebForms version uses API v1 and it can't be changed. The selected api affects how the client-side events are processed. For api=1 only one event is fired for every action, depending on t...

Expected End Date

Answered: You can set custom CSS for an event using onBeforeEventRender. See also: CSS <style> .expected .scheduler_default_event_inner { ...

Navigator highlights previous month while toggling between week and month view

Answered: You can change the navigator selection using .select() method: var nav = new DayPilot.Navigator("nav"); // ... DayPilot.Date()); // selects today

Headers with different height

Hello, Is it possible to configure a different height for each header? For example I have 3 headers, Month, Day and Hours, and I want to have Month 40px height and Day, Hours height with a height of ...

Export functionality PDF/PNG format

Hi, I am currently evaluating your product DayPilot-Pro for using it in our online application. But one of the most important requirement is to be able to export the calendar in PDF/PNG (for printing...

My DayPilotCalendar don't fire the OnTimeRangeSelected Event on PostBack

Answered: It's now fixed in version 5.0 SP1 (build 303):
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