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Adding a new event with client-side immediate update

Answered: After you create the new event in newcalevent.php, you need to send the event details (including the id) back to the main page using DayPilot.Modal.close(): var eventdata = { id: ..., start: ...

Parser error using DayPilot PRO

Answered: It looks like the reference requires a specific dll version. You should try to remove the reference to DayPilot.dll and re-add it. Also, don't forget to rebuild the solution.

Angular Scheduler Event Link Delete ContentMenu

Answered: The SchedulerConfig.contextMenuLink property is now supported in the latest version:

Angular Scheduler Zoom : 'name' does not exist in type 'ZoomLevel

Answered: This should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2019.4.4154). The tutorial project uses an untyped config object so you can use this approach as a workaround: config: any = { // ... }

eventDeleteHandling does not remove event

Answered: Looks like I continue to find my own solutions. :) That's a good thing. Here's the missing code that I found to assist me. var e =;;

Customer Event Add Modal

Answered: When the users selects a time range the Scheduler fires the onTimeRangeSelected event: onTimeRangeSelected: args => {; } You can modify the event handler to...

Update to Schedule after Move in Javascript

Answered: I found the answer. using event.find

How to disable moving certain events

Answered: It looks like you are using the ASP.NET syntax. In JavaScript, the property name is "moveDisabled". dp.onBeforeEventRender = function(args) { = true; }; See also: https...

Can't refresh daypilotscheduler

Answered: If you need to update two controls at once in ASP.NET WebForms, there are two options: 1. You can place both controls in an UpdatePanel and use PostBack event handling. In the event handler, you will...

How to get full JSON from Gantt Chart

Answered: The current task tree state is available in tasks.list: Whenever a task is changed on the client side this array is updated so it always has up-to-...

How to implement a "Previous" and "Next" buttons

Answered: You can take a look at the main MVC Scheduler demo: It includes Next/Previous buttons which use commandCallBack() method to invoke Command event on the server...

onBeforeRowHeaderExport never called

Answered: This was a regression that should be fixed now in the latest build (2019.4.4124+). Please let me know if the problem persists.

Change the backColor based upon event value

Answered: Yes, you can do that using onBeforeEventRender event handler. Please take a look at the examples in the docs (the following link is for the Scheduler):

Weird Display of Navigator and Calender

Answered: The values should be numbers, not strings: nav.titleHeight = 20; nav.dayHeaderHeight = 20; // and dp.headerHeight = 20; dp.allDayEventHeight = 20; Let me know if it didn't help.

How to resize Navigator

Answered: In version 2019.2.3871, the default values of the following properties were changed from 20 to 30: cellWidth, cellHeight, dayHeaderHeight, titleHeight You can use the old values to make the Navigator...

Angular Gantt Chart Cannot filter

Hi, The scheduler have rows.filter this function. However on gantt didnt have rows filter function How to do fil...

Add expand collapse buttons to resource-row when using dynamic event rendering

I would like to add a plus and minus button to expand collapse row depending on if it has groups that is collapsed or expanded. But the rows are rendered before the data has returned thus my buttons ...

Set height for event moving indicators

Answered: The onEventMoving event handler now supports args.left.height and args.right.height in the latest sandbox build (2019.4.4123): Please let me know if it doesn'...

How to show crosshair on scheduler by code

Hi, I would like to show crosshair on a cell not only moving mouse on scheduler, but also by code: at example for highlighting the last cell (or event) user worked on. I was able to scroll to myFocus...

how to run this project

hii, I am download the source code and run to application but not properly run this application. plz can you gide me.

Angular Gantt Chart different Tasks in same one row

Answered: Only the Scheduler component can display multiple events/task in the same row. But it supports event links as well:

Traversing events vertically within a column

Answered: It's possible to use events.forRange() method. It's now included in the API docs as well:

Click on a eventLink and make some

Answered: Hi Vane, The latest sandbox build (2019.4.4122) now supports onLinkClick and onLinkClicked events. It will let you implement this logic but it will also requi...

Angular Scheduler button onclick changes time header

Answered: If you change the config.scale value in the button onClick handler the change will be detected and applied automatically. You can also check the following tutorial which shows how to apply different ...

Selecting cell on the calendar from select box

Answered: It's possible to create a time range selection using the API - use selectTimeRange() method:

Synchronizing Scheduler data

Hello, I am trying the library for my company. There is one specific requirement that is being able to have a window with several schedulers, and at the latest position, one readonly scheduler with t...

How can i set Day-pilot start and end hours as 8am to 8pm ?

Answered: You can use dayBeginsHour and dayEndsHour properties, please see an example here:

Angular Gantt Chart replace onrowcreate with button

Answered: You can use your own button and add a new record to config.tasks property (Angular will detect the change) or you can use the direct API tasks.add() method:

Hotel Reservation winform version

Answered: Unfortunately, DayPilot is an JavaScript/HTML5 component and it only works in a browser.

Cell duration when using manual time line

Answered: Unfortunately it's not possible to use custom grouping of the time headers. Only the predefined values are available (see If you want to show ...
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