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possible bug on "Real-Time Drag and Drop Indicators"

When "rowHeaderHideIconEnabled" feature is set to true and when sources sidebar is hidden, the left real time drag and drop indicator behaves strangely. Or maybe these features are incompatible with ...

Event Calendar bug when resizing

Hello guys ! I think I found a bug, when I have an Event Calendar, which has viewtype= "resources". I always set the dayBeginsHour: 9 ( for example date: 14.01.2021), dayEndsHour: 02(this is 2am in t...

Weird behavior on eventEndSpec set to "Date"

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2021.1.4831): Please let me know if the problem persists.

Resize only one side of event

Answered: Yes: You need to disable resizing using eventResizeHandling="Disabled" ( and add an active area at the end with action: "ResizeEnd". T...

Scheduler - hide parent resources when filtering

Answered: In the latest sandbox build (2021.1.4830), you can now control this using "rowFilterParentsAlwaysVisible" property. The default value is true but if you set it to false it will hide parents that don'...

Property 'makeDraggable' does not exist on type 'typeof Calendar'.

Answered: The DayPilot.Calendar.makeDraggable() method was missing in the TypeScript definitions. It's now added in the latest sandbox build (2021.1.4829). As a workaround, you can cast the DayPilot object to ...

Insert gap between multiple stacked events to ensure good user readibility

Answered: You can use eventMarginBottom property to specify the space between events: Please note that in the current release, it's incorrectly ap...

Add Resources Afterwards

Answered: To add resources you need to modify the resources[] array and call update(): dp.resources.push({name: "New resource 1", id: "NR1"}); dp.resources.push({name: "New resource 2", id: "NR2"}); dp.upd...

DayPilot bubble is not working

Answered: The bubble is available in DayPilot Pro (paid version) but not in DayPilot Lite (open-source version). You can get an evaluation version of DayPilot Pro here:

DayPilot bubble is not working

Answered: For an example of <DayPilotBubble> usage please see the following demo: The source code of the demo is in Demo/Calendar.EventBubble.aspx fil...

Diferent design for resource bubble and event bubble

Answered: I already found the problem, I changed the class name for event bubble using this: bubble: new DayPilot.Bubble({ theme: "bubble_event_main", }), Thank you.

Scheduler: Cannot read property 'y' of null

Answered: This can happen if you enable keyboard access with keyboardTarget = 'document' and hit enter before focusing a grid cell. It should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2020.4.4821).

No rendering after resizing the separator between resources and events

Answered: It should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2020.4.4827). Please let me know if there is any problem.

Main rows with background color opacity less than 1 don't get covered by fixed rows

Answered: This is by design. The frozen rows are displayed on top of the main grid and if you use transparent background for the frozen row cells you'll see the underlying grid.

Row selection in latest versions.

Answered: The onAfterRender event handler is not a good place to do this. It's only fired if the whole Scheduler is updated. If you want to customize the grid cell elements you should use onAfterCellRender ins...

How to convert php to spring boot

Answered: Unfortunately, this tutorial is not available for Spring Boot at this moment. To see how the Calendar and Scheduler components can be used with Spring Boot backend, please see the following tutorials...

DayPilot Pro for angular

Answered: Yes, the latest release (2020.4.4807) works with any Angular version (since Angular 2).

Update certain columns of the resources

Answered: 1. You can update a single row using rows.update(): 2. It's also possible to change HTML of a specific row header column directly using DayPil...

DayPilot Pro for angular

Answered: You'll need to upgrade your DayPilot Pro version.

crosshairType (Full): events part of frozen rows is not highlighted

Answered: The full crosshair is now fully supported in combination with frozen rows in the latest sandbox build (since 2020.4.4811).

Error with fixed rows and certain data

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2020.4.4810). Please let me know if the problem persits.

Scheduler: keyboard navigation using the Tab-key

Answered: At this moment, no. The keyboard access has no API yet. It will be introduced soon and it will include an option to add custom key mappings.

i want to chart add in codeigniter but data not fetch from conreoller

i want to chart add in codeigniter but data not fetch from conreoller anyone can send me code for codeigniter same chart?

Line between normal and frozen rows

Answered: In the latest version (2020.4.4807), the horizontal lines separating frozen rows from the main grid are now marked with special CSS classes (*_divider_horizontal_frozen_top and *_divider_horizontal_f...

DayPilot cell can't handle three areas

Answered: If you use an old version of DayPilot, I recommend upgrading to the latest release. The "areas" property directly in Cell is a legacy location which is not part of the TypeScript definitions but it's...

How can I remove Gantt chart default name?

Answered: You can override this text using onBeforeTaskRender event, by calling = ""; there. See also:

What program should i use for the codes?

Answered: In order to run the project, you'll need PHP, a webserver and a MySQL database server. A decent knowledge of JavaScript is also necessary if you want to customize the project. If you are a complete b...

Angular 6 Zoom level.

Answered: As far as I can see, there is no .start property used in the HTML template in the tutorial. I recommend using the attached project as a reference - it runs fine without any errors.

Floating Events doesn't work

Answered: The floating events are enabled by default. It works as follows: 1. Events that start before startDate will have *_event_continueleft class. This doesn't change with scrolling. 2. The float div (mark...

Initial events load seems to happen before onBeforeCellRender()

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2020.4.4805). Could you please give it a try and let me know if the problem persists?
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