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Answered: Unfortunately not at this moment.

Sales Questions

Answered: Hi Jainik, Please check your mailbox, I've sent you an email.

Daypilot C# Get Selected Day

Hi, I am building a master rota using Daypilot. I only care about Monday -Sunday. I don't care about DATES, just DAYS. E.G a shift created on a Monday between 2-4 will be there every Monday between 2...

Calendar - area definition by Start() & End()

Answered: Petr, It's in the plan for the next release (coming in 14 days), please stay tuned!

Timetable Tutorial (ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET)

sir i have request to show how we will add in event to show time and in new event as it is note we are giving in the event

Calendar only showing events for first date in week

Answered: It looks like you didn't specify the date (start property) for the child columns. If the date isn't specified it uses the dp.startDate value (it doesn't automatically inherit the "start" value from t...

Adding code to existing helper class for exchange

Hi there, I was wondering if there is some way to take this code from your example and build it into my Helper Class for exchange? The code: ExchangeService service = new ExchangeService(ExchangeVers...

Bubble configuration with Angular 2+

Answered: The bubble can be configured using a DayPilot.Bubble object which you assign to "bubble" property of the config. Example: config: any = { bubble: new DayPilot.Bubble({ animation: "fas...

Tooltip not showing

Answered: The tooltip is automatically turned off if you turn on a bubble. In the latest DayPilot Pro version, the bubble is now automatically turned on (a new DayPilot.Bubble() object is assigned to "bubble" ...

change doctors

Answered: You can simply delete the othe doctors in the database ('doctor' table).


Answered: As noted in the tutorial text, the project download includes a trial version of DayPilot Pro that displays the DEMO label. It's licensed for evaluation purposes only. If you want to use the tutorial ...

Export Calendar Month with different event colors

Answered: The event colors should be already fixed in the latest sandbox version (since build 2936): The TypeScript definitions [missing exportAs()] will be updated sho...

How to display full time on monthly calendar event

Answered: I found a solution in a demo project. The demo project is in the on the following page : On the StartEndTime aspx page, look for the OnBef...

Calendar _onMainRightClick

Answered: This should be already fixed since build 2886. See the sandbox: Let me know if the problem persists. And thanks for reporting the issue.

AreaCollection in DayPilot calendar

Answered: Active areas were not supported in the Calendar grid cells until now. However, this feature is now available in the latest sandbox build (8.3.5867):

Display Meetings and cancel

Would like to know how to display all the calendar appointments and send a cancel invite for all the users using PS/EWSManaged API

Copying a week

Hi, I am using the DayPilot Calendar for employee shift scheduling. I would like to create a "Master Rota" which would just be one week with fixed shifts on it. When they then create their main weekl...

How to execute using MySQL instead of SQLite?

Answered: The default MySQL port is 3306 so keep that value (unless you have changed the port in your MySQL installation). As far as I can see there are no extra backticks in the SQL commands. Your _db.php sho...

Clear all the events from the calendar with javascript

Answered: Hi Philippe, The events are stored in .events.list array - so you can do something like this: = []; dpc1.update(); See also:

HeightSpec="Full" - TypeError: $h is undefined

Hi, I work on a project which use the calendar. It works well with HeightSpec="BusinessHoursNoScroll" property. But when it doesn't works with HeightSpec="Full" and I have a javascript error : ______...

How to limit appointment time only to 30 minutes?

Answered: 1. The default appointment slot duration is set in "backend_create.php" file using $slot_duration variable: $slot_duration = 60; You can change it as needed. 2. Yes, you should change sesion_id t...

Calendar events not updating

Answered: 1. If you have a complete data set that you want to display (i.e. you don't plan to apply any "diff" to the event set) the recommended way is to assign the array directly to .events.list: vm.calend...

How-To: Change Week Start for DayPilot.Calendar (Week View)

Hi, How can I change the week view start day? It keeps defaulting to Sunday to Saturday. I would like to have it as Monday to Sunday. Please see attached image. Navigator is correct but Calendar not....

Shared / Public calendar folder

Answered: David Try adding the following to the end of your Read Only Service property: svc.ImpersonatedUserId = New ImpersonatedUserId(ConnectingIdType.SmtpAddress, "") Be aware that it will re...

whom to contact if i want to buy this

Answered: Please contact for sales-related questions, thanks.


Answered: The easiest way to try it out is to download the project and run it on a local webserver with PHP enabled (e.g. Linux with Apache and PHP). Just copy the project to the web root. If you use MySQL you...

HTML5 Doctor Appointment Scheduling (JavaScript/PHP/MySQL)"

Answered: If you are asking about how to install the project locally to try it out please see this answer: If you are asking about licensing - you'll need a DayP...

Autoscroll feature with Daypilot Calendar

Hi all, I'm wondering if it's possible to implement the autoScroll properties (available on Daypilot Scheduler) on the Daypilot Calendar. I have tired to set autoScroll = "Always" but it's not workin...

Event Width Representative of Start and End Time, Monthly Event Calendar

Is there a way to get an event width to be representative of its start and end time? As an example scenario, if I had an event that started at 12pm (12:00) and finished at 6pm (18:00), is it possible...

Example Grails Code?

Answered: Unfortunately this sample relies on the Microsoft EWS library which is only available for .NET so there is no easy way to translate this project to Grails.
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